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Welcome Message

Welcome to the Homepage of the Central Policy Unit.

The Central Policy Unit was established in 1989. Its major function is to provide advice and recommendations on public policy and other matters to the Chief Executive (CE), the Chief Secretary for Administration (CS) and the Financial Secretary (FS). One of our major tasks is to assist CE in drafting the annual Policy Address. Apart from conducting policy research, we also use various means to understand and analyse community concerns and public opinion, encourage community discussion and research in public policy, provide secretariat support for the Commission on Strategic Development chaired by CE and undertake work for the Hong Kong Guangdong Strategic Development Research Group under the Hong Kong/Guangdong Co-operation Joint Conference led by CS. We also carry out any other tasks assigned to us by CE, CS or FS.

This Homepage introduces our work, organisation, activities and reference materials. The "What's new" section reports the latest news about the upcoming events of our Unit. We hope you will find it useful and informative. Suggestions and comments are welcome.

SHIU Sin-por
Head, Central Policy Unit

  Head photo